In 2013, Svijany Brewery acquired a decaying castle and decided to save it. With the help of a grant from the EEA and Norwegian funds the brewery was successful. Rare findings such as 3000 years old bronze pin or a secret passageway in the castle underground were discovered during the reconstruction and archaeological research. The Castle Svijany will open the doors to the public for the first time on Saturday, June 25, 2016. The visitors will see an archaeological exhibition, an exhibition about history of the castle, about history of brewing and spa, the underground, an old school and the old and the new chapel and more.

Svijany beer

The Svijany brewery achieved an exceptional success during last few decades. From almost forgotten brewery at the risk of total closure in the end of the millennium, it rose to the forefront of beer consumption. Why? Local beer is still the same as it was in the middle of the previous century when the Czech beer gained worldwide fame. The beer in Svijany is still brewed by mashing twice, the golden drink ferments in open vats and slowly matures in lagering cellars at low temperatures.

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