Wedding ceremony in the chateau chapel

This is a basic package that will be especially appreciated by couples looking for a more economical version of their wedding ceremony.

Price CZK 10.000

The package includes:

The price of the package does not include a register office fee, extra flower decoration and other services provided by the chateau.

For weddings on weekdays (Monday-Thursday), there is a discount of 7 000 CZK which can be applied on any wedding package we offer. 


We will take care of your wedding day

Wedding packages include installation of the decorations we provide before the ceremony and their removal after the ceremony. Part of these new packages is also complete coordination of the wedding ceremony and its arranging.

Upon your arrival to the chateau, our wedding coordinator will take care of you. The wedding coordinator can organize your wedding ceremony or the whole wedding day at our chateau. All the beautiful corners of the chateau garden and courtyard are ideal for capturing your wedding day. Time for taking pictures is also defined in your wedding package.

For all the purchased packages we can arrange a wedding reception in the Zámecký ŠENK for a special price. We can provide barbeque, beer degustation, excursion to the brewery, guided tour of Svijany Chateau and more. 

In case of purchasing any wedding package we offer accommodation for all wedding guests with 10% discount in our Hotel & Chateau Svijany.

Hotel & Chateau Svijany has a luxurious wedding suite. Price per night is from 6 090 CZK and can be used from 6:30 hours on the wedding day. If you decide to spend the night before your wedding, we will give you a 30% discount on the above rate. For the wedding night we can also recommend Chateau Suite, the price per night is from 3 590 CZK.

The price of accommodation, wedding reception and other services will be based on your specific requirements.


For more information, reservation of dates and tour of castle chambers please contact us:

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+420 723 092 858 

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