Zámecký šenk - Chateau Tavern Café and Grill

Zámecký šenk - Chateau Tavern Café

Enjoy excellent coffee and homemade desserts at Chateau Tavern Café. The café is part of the Chateau Svijany area; the entrance is in the courtyard. Enjoy unconventional space with excellent coffee, homemade lemonade or delicious desserts and relax.


Opening hours:


July, August

Mo - Su             11:00 - 17:00


*opening hours on public holidays are the same as on Sunday

**in case of private events, the café is closed to the public

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Zámecký šenk - Chateau Tavern Grill

The outdoor restaurant with grill is located near the chateau garden. Sit in the shade of massive trees, let your children play in the playground, just relax and let your worries disappear.

The grill is used for music evenings and private events.

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The operator of the Chateau Tavern Café and Grill:

Rest Garden s.r.o.

Moskevská 658/41

Liberec 460 01 Czech Republic

CRN: 25472402

E-mail: produkce@zameksvijany.cz



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