Augmented reality at the chateau

What is it?

Do you want to see the skeleton of an old Bohemian Swinija with your own eyes?

Do you want to see what the Bronze Age cross-section of a furnace looks like from all sides and angles?

No problem with us!


In the area of the Chateau Svijany there are 14 signs. Nine of them can be found in the castle garden, five are hidden in the chateau premises. The signs show black and white 2D images of buildings and objects that are typical of the Bronze Age. Using our application (Svijanský zámek AR) on your mobile phone or tablet, these images are transformed into 3D models, so you can see them just as if the objects were actually in front of you.


Why exhibits from the Bronze Age?

Chateau Svijany is located in an archaeologically important area. In the area of Svijany and nearby Příšovice, unique archaeological finds were discovered dating back to the Late Bronze Age.


Chateau Svijany offers the opportunity to see these unique finds, especially:


What do you need to use augmented reality?

To use augmented reality, you need a smart mobile phone or tablet and the Chateau Svijany AR app (Svijanský zámek AR). The app is only available for Android and is free of charge.


 How does it work?

After you install and open the app on your smart device, just point the screen at the information sign - the 2D image turns into a 3D model.


Come to Chateau Svijany and see with your own eyes what can be achieved when reality and technology come together.

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