Course and milestones of the project


 Construction work started.

 Murals in the interior of a hall of Knights chapel were discovered and it was decided to uncovering and restoration. A secret hall under the castle was discovered.

 Remains from the Late Bronze Age were discovered (e.g. 3000 years old vase fragments, remnants of ceramics from the era of John of Luxembourg (14th century) or Vaclav I. (13th century)); the findings will be displayed within the archaeological exhibition.

 A three thousand years old prehistoric pin was discovered; the found pin served to clip clothes together and perhaps as a hair decoration, it is 14 centimeters long, head diameter is 16 milimetres; this unique finding of prehistoric jewel is undamaged.

 A bread furnace was discovered in the old chapel in a wall; the furnace will remain and will be lit from the inside and the visitors will be able to look in.

 Roof cladding, facades and enclosure wall were finished. 

 A visit of an Icelandic archaeologist Adolf Fridriksson (a representative of an Icelandic partner the Institute od Archeology) took place.

 The Norwegian ambassador came to the Castle Svijany within her visit of the Liberec region.

 All construction and restoration work finished.

 Building approval procedure was conducted.

 The castle including castle premises was registered to Zlatá cihla competition. The murals in the chapel were registered to Památka roku Libereckého kraje 2015 competition.         

 March 17, 2015: 

 Spring 2015


 Summer 2015


 Fall 2015



 October 27, 2015

 November 2-6, 2015


 January 26, 2016 

 February 29, 2016

 March 18, 2016

 April 2016


 Planned activities:


 The castle will be registred to Stavba roku Libereckého kraje competition.                

 Completion and delivery of equipment of the exhibitions, installation and getting complete exhibitions to work.      

 Grand opening of Castle Svijany

 May 2016 

 May - June 2016

 June 25, 2016



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