Ambassador's visit

The Castle Svijany welcomed the Norwegian ambassador

A Norwegian ambassador Siri Ellen Sletner accompanied by her husband and Mr. Terje B. Englund from a Communication Unit came to visit the Liberec region on Thursday 26th January.
The ambassador of Norwegian Kingdom in the Czech Republic met the governor Martin Půta, visited the Technical University of Liberec, the Museum of Krkonoše in Jilemnice and the Castle Svijany during the visit.
The Svijany brewery bought the dilapidated castle in Svijany in 2013 to reopen it to the public with the support of the EEA and Norway Grants. The reconstruction had taken place since the beginning of 2015 and at the time of the visit of the Norwegian ambassador the last construction works were almost finished.
In the brewery the Norwegian ambassador was welcomed traditionally with a bread and salt by the director Roman Havlík. Afterward she experienced a tour of almost completely reconstructed Castle Svijany accompanied by Mr. Brestovansky, an archaeologist of Severočeské museum. She was shown a castle chapel with the restored frescoes and rooms ready for exhibition. As an additional program the Norwegian ambassador saw the production facilities of the brewery and the traditional way of Svijany beer production.
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