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About Svijany beer

The Svijany brewery achieved an exceptional success during last few decades. From almost forgotten brewery at the risk of total closure in the end of the millennium, it rose to the forefront of beer consumption. Why? Local beer is still the same as it was in the middle of the previous century when the Czech beer gained worldwide fame. The beer in Svijany is still brewed by mashing twice, the golden drink ferments in open vats and slowly matures in lagering cellars at low temperatures. The whole brewing process is perceived as a true craftsmanship here and they put into it all their skill, years of experience and a lot of energy. Modern technologies have a place only there where they will not affect the traditional production processes. That’s why the brewery belongs among the major employers in the region because there is still true that the best brewing is done by people.

Come to the brewery and see for yourselves how the production looks like. You will go through all operations accompanied by a guide and finish the exhibition with a fresh beer from a lagering tank in hand. You can book the tour here.

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