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The castle Svijany  is located on the edge of the Bohemian Paradise. It takes less than an hour to get there by car from Prague and 20 minutes from Liberec. It is situated a few hundred meters from the motorway  D10. It is conveniently accessible from both directions. The castle was completely restored between the years 2015 and 2016. And thanks to the reconstruction it  offers  brand new, dignified and romantic sceneries  ideal for weddings. If you are looking for an unusual place for your wedding and you like beer as well, you might use the area of a brewery which is located next to the castle.


Place for your wedding ceremony

The wedding ceremony can be arranged in the chapel, in the garden, in the courtyard or in the brewery of the Castle Svijany.  The castle Svijany wedding ceremonies take place all year round including the winter months. If the wedding ceremony takes place during the opening hours, the castle complex is open to the public. If you plan your wedding ceremony out of the opening hours, you and your guests will have complete privacy.

Time of your wedding ceremony

Your wedding ceremony can be scheduled from 10am till 3pm. If you have more specific time requirements please contact

The capacity of the castle

Are you planning a small wedding just with a few of your relatives and closest friends or would you like as many people as possible to be part of your wedding day? The Svijany Castle is suitable for both options. The capacity of the large castle chapel is 150 people, of which at least 80 could be seated. The space in our garden and in the courtyard is almost unlimited. Capacity of the brewery is 40 standing guests.

Svatební výzdoba

Parking in the premises of the castle

The capacity of the parking place by the castle is 27 cars. Upon agreement it is possible to use parking lots outside of the castle complex.

Wedding reception and wedding night at the castle

From 1 May 2017 we offer accommodation in the castle in Hotel Zámek Svijany  with  capacity of 41 beds including a special suite for newlyweds. The rooms of our hotel are located on the 3rd and 4th floors and are comfortably accessible by  lift.

At the castle there is also a restaurant Zámecký Šenk which is suitable for your wedding reception, including  an outside roofed barbecue grill. Your wedding menu will be prepared according to your requirements.


Wedding ceremony packages 2018

Wedding packages include installation of the decorations we provide before the ceremony and their removal  after the ceremony. Part of these new packages is also complete coordination of the wedding ceremony and its arranging. Upon your arrival to the castle, our wedding coordinator will take care of you. The wedding coordinator can organize your wedding ceremony or the whole wedding day at our castle. All the beautiful corners of the castle garden and courtyard are ideal for capturing your wedding day. Time for taking pictures is also defined in your wedding package.

For weddings on weekdays (Monday-Thursday), there is a discount of 2 000 CZK which can be applied on any wedding package we offer.

For all the purchased packages we can arrange a wedding reception in the Zámecký ŠENK for a special price. We can provide barbeque, beer degustation, excursion to the brewery, guided tour of Svijany Castle and more. In case of purchasing a wedding package, we offer accommodation at discounted prices in our  Hotel Svijany.

The price of accommodation, wedding reception and other services will be based on your specific requirements.


For more information, reservation of dates and tour of castle chambers please contact us:

Eva Kobosilová

+420 607 662 517

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