Restoration of castle Svijany

Restoration of castle Svijany

In 2013, SVIJANY BREWERY acquired a decaying castle in Svijany, which is located across the brewery in the municipality Svijany and decided to restore it to its former dignified appearance. The brewery wished to make this cultural monument public so that it could serve as a local center for cultural events as it used to do in the past.The establishment of the brewery and the castle is dated approximately to the same era and that is the 16th century.



In 2013, the building was heavily devastated, some parts were in critical conditions threatening the entire castle of further existence. The restoration of the castle was a necessity and with support from EEA Funds 2009-2014 it has been achieved. It went on during the period from March 2015 to April 2016. And till the end of June 2016 the expositions were installed here.

From mid-2016, the restored castle is permanently open. The public may explore unique archaeological excavations from the Bronze Age, which were discovered near the municipality Svijany; a castle chapel, an exhibition space with history of the castle, an archaeological workshop, a visitor center, regularly changing exhibitions and numerous other events. During the restoration, more of archaeological objects were disclosed and they are part of the permanent exposition.

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