The Castle Svijany achieved the award The Sight of 2016 of the Liberec Region

The Castle Svijany went through a vast reconstruction in the past 3 years. The Brewery Svijany, which acquired the castle in 2013, managed to create an attractive centre of cultural events on the border of  Český ráj out of a ruined building. The Castle Svijany gained the reward The Sight of 2016 of the Liberec Region for the complete reconstruction of the castle. The financial assessment connected with the award is going to be used for building of a children playground according to the Roman Havlík, the director of the Brewery Svijany.

The award Sight of the Year of the Liberec Region is being granted for a project and realisation of a building or building complex that have important conservation, architectural or urban values and are holders of a specific environmental characteristics. This year the award was granted to two sights in the Liberec Region, these are Dolení mlýn č.p. 41 in Bradlecká Lhota and the Castle Svijany. “Both the renovation are exemplary and in its own way difficult to compare – in case of the Castle Svijany there is a complete reconstruction and rehabilitation of the object, in case of renovation of Dolení Mlýn in Bradlecká Lhota, there is a part renovation, thanks to which the mill is working”, said Lucie Prandnerová, the leader of the historic preservation department of the Regional Office of the Liberec Region.

The Brewery Svijany acquired the whole area of the castle in 2013 and during the first phase of the reconstruction, it was given back its form from the turn of the 17th and 18th century, the one it used to have during the reign of Valdštejn, with the help of grant monies from EEA and the Nordic funds. The second phase of the reconstruction of the castle was aimed first of all at technological interventions necessary particularly for solving of conducting humidity within the whole building, and also building of a restaurant Zámecký šenk was its part, and accommodation facilities Hotel Zámek Svijany were created on the 3rd and 4th floors. The whole area of the castle has become a complex centre of the cultural and social events of the region. “Both the phases of the castle reconstruction reached the costs of 100 mil CZK. The first phase of the reconstruction was awarded a prize The Sight of the Liberec Region of 2016. The castle and the brewery have belonged to each other from everlasting and we felt obliged -not only as the brewery itself- but also towards The Liberec Region to save the castle and give it back its former condition”, said Roman Havlík.

The ceremonial awarding of the memorial plaque with the inscription “The Sight of 2016 of the Liberec Region”, which will be placed in the castle, and of the financial reward in the amount of 50 000 CZK is going to take place on the 28th September 2017 at the St. Wenceslas celebration in the Castle Svijany. “We appreciate the gained award The Sight of 2016 of the Liberec Region. The financial bonus will be sinfully used for building of a playground for children in the area of the castle as we have had already planned before”, added Roman Havlík.

The gates of the castle are opening at 10 o´clock during the St. Wenceslas celebration. There is a rich full day program prepared for the visitors. During the celebration the castle expositions will be opened and it will be possible to book the guided tours in the Brewery Svijany. For more information see

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