The partners saw the castle for the first time

On June 20th, the Castle Svijany was shown to the partners of the renovation

They were an integral part of the Castle Svijany transformation for almost two years and that is why they had the chance to see the castle comfortably in private a few days before other visitors. We are talking about our partners which were invited to the opening ceremony of the Castle Svijany on June 20th.
All the guests, almost two hundred of them, were welcomed by the director of the Svijany brewery Ing. Roman Havlík in the castle chapel. He thanked the partners because without them the renovation could not be possible so quickly and so widely. Equally important factor during the reconstruction was the opportunity to use almost CZK 30 million from the EEA Funds 2009-2014, an identical sum was contributed by investor, the Svijany brewery, also.
During the celebratory speeches a word was given to a representative of the Norwegian Ambassador, Mr. Terje B. Englund, who appreciated that an important cultural landmark was renovated by a private entity, Mgr. Tereza Vavrečková the Finance Ministry , who spoke about the state as a provider of financial support from the EEA Funds 2009-2014, Governor of the Liberec Region Bc. Martin Puta, who appreciated that the castle returned into the hands of its original owner and extensive cooperation between the public and private sectors and Mayor of Svijany Ing. Petr Felkner, who praised the very good cooperation with the Svijany brewery.
All the speakers agreed on one point – the renovation of dilapidated monument in a small North Bohemian town was great philanthropic achievement, which is a rare thing in our country.
After a brief performance of the National Theatre Opera soloist Luděk Vele, all the guests had the opportunity to explore the newly finished exhibitions and we believe that they will return with their families to the Castle Svijany someday.


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