The second phase of the reconstruction of the Castle Svijany was successfully completed

After the first reconstruction phase, the Castle Svijany was already seen by more than 10 thousand visitors last year, it is presumed that this year their number overcomes the limit of 15 thousand. Altogether its reconstruction took the investments for more than 100 Mio CZK.

The Brewery Svijany acquired the whole area of the castle in 2013 and during the first phase of the reconstruction, it was given back the form from the turn of the 17th and 18th century, the one it used to have during the reign of Valdštejn, with the help of grant monies from EEA and the Nordic funds. “ The first phase of the castle renovation awarded as The Sight of 2016 of the Liberec Region took altogether the costs over 60 Mio CZK, said Roman Havlík, the director of the Brewery Svijany. The investments into the second phase of the castle reconstruction were over 40 Mio CZK and they have reflected in technological interventions necessary particularly for solving of conducting humidity within the whole building and also in noticeable adaptations of the vast castle garden. The garden in its new form offers now the opportunity for rest, but also amusement and education. The part of the second phase was building of an area for social activities, outside grill, and reconstruction of the 3rd and 4th floor, which serves as an accommodation facility of a hotel type. “We are glad that thanks to the both phases of the reconstruction we managed to fulfil our aim – to build a regional centre of cultural and social life out of a ruined castle”, added Roman Havlík.

The Hotel Zámek Svijany, which officially initiated its opening on the 7th June, tastefully combines the antique castle style with the comfort of today. It disposes of 40 beds in 16 rooms including the bridal suite. All the rooms have their own sanitary facilities, TV and internet connection. The price of accommodation in the summer season is from 1 432 CZK for a double room incl. breakfast, in case of a four-bed room the price is from 1 912 CZK. For the guests who want to admire the beauty of the Český ráj and Pojizeří on the bike, there is a bicycle storage prepared, on the other hand, a medieval spa then serves for relaxation, which is a part of the interactive beer exposition. The whole castle complex inclusive accommodation invites the children as well as the adults to playing. In the manner of Karel Arnošt from Valdštejn, who was very fond of secret hiding places, during their stay, the guests can play a mysterious game Arcana that will lead them though the interesting castle nooks. There are game panels with a secret cypher in certain rooms, the guests can look for the code for resolving the cypher in the entire castle complex. If they managed to find all the indications, there is a surprize waiting for them.

The Zámecký šenk offers the castle visitors and tourists a pleasant outside seating at the garden grill. They can enjoy all kinds of grilled meat and other delicacies, best with the local Svijany beer, of course. While building the outside grill, the children were not forgotten, there will be a playground at their disposal. The grill Zámecký šenk is open from June the 17th on Saturdays from 10 a.m. until 8 p.m. and on Sundays from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. Zámecký šenk offers renting of a large room and a lounge with the capacity up to 85 seats for organizing of various events, weddings, lecturers or conferences.

Thanks to the reconstruction, the visitors can admire at scheduled tours now the castle chapel with the restored ceiling frescoes, exposition rooms introducing the history of the castle and its lords, Valdštejns and Vartenberks or the unique archeologic exposition with the findings from the neighbourhood of community Svijany from the Bronze Age. As far as the children are concerned, the Castle Svijany supports the educational system Montessori, and for this reason the inner as well as the outer expositions are made so that they evoke the sympathy to get to know and to learn. In the castle garden, the little visitors can prove what it is like to be an archaeologist, and in the sand archaeologic site, they can find the remains of the animal that has given the Community Svijany its name. Besides other things in the garden, there is a bread oven and also an oven for bronze casts, in which the guests can make out their own castle souvenirs with the assistance of an expert.

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