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Grand opening of the Castle Svijany

The Castle Svijany was visited by nearly two thousand visitors during the day.

The partners saw the castle for the first time

They were an integral part of the Castle Svijany transformation for almost two years and that is why they had the chance to see the castle comfortably in private a few days before other visitors. We are talking about our partners which were invited to the opening ceremony of the Castle Svijany on June 20th.

The Castle Svijany welcomed the Norwegian ambassador

A Norwegian ambassador Siri Ellen Sletner accompanied by her husband and Mr. Terje B. Englund from a Communication Unit came to visit the Liberec region on Thursday 26th January. The ambassador of Norwegian Kingdom in the Czech Republic met the governor Martin Půta, visited the Technical University of Liberec, the Museum of Krkonoše in Jilemnice and the Castle Svijany during the visit.

Svijany hosted a major Icelandic archaeologist Adolf Fridriksson

Svijany brewery have bought decaying castle in Svijany village in 2013 to make it available for public again with huge support of EEA and Norwegian funding. Reconstruction of the castle began on spring 2015 and now the director of Icelandic partner – the Institute of Archaeology – archaeologist Adolf Fridriksson was personally invited by director of Svijany brewery Roman Havlik to have a look at the overall progress.
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